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About Us


Company History
G3 Tapes, Inc. is a manufacturer, converter and distributor of adhesive tape, paper, plastic, and various supply products that was founded in 2003. Our mission is to save companies money by providing them with competitively-priced high quality products, exceptional dependability and outstanding customer service.

G3’s products come from 65 different manufacturers, including 3M, Nashua, Intertape, Shurtape, Polyken, Saint-Gobain, and many others. We sell over 50,000 products, including every type of adhesive tape known to mankind.  We also sell a full line of protective films, papers, plastics, abrasives, adhesives, safety and fire protection products. 

G3 also has a full line of adhesive tape, plastic and paper converting equipment, giving us the ability to manufacture value-added products for the most complex industry challenges. We can laminate, die cut, log, slit, print and shrink-wrap virtually any paper, plastic and adhesive product into any length, width, or custom die-cut shape for our customers.  Designing custom value-added products that save companies money is our specialty.

Since its inception, G3 has sold over 1,000 different customers in 10 different industries and 60 different vertical markets throughout North America, Asia and Europe.  Our current active customer list totals over 800 different businesses, include Fortune 100 companies with annual revenues in excess of $25B.

What sets G3 apart?
G3 stands far above its competition on many fronts.  First, we offer the highest quality brand name products at the lowest prices.  Second, we have the highest level of dependability in our industry, shipping over 99% of our orders on time.  Our advanced inventory tracking system, attention to seasonal forecasts, powerful software and supply chain management skills enable us to always keep your products in stock, ready to deliver.  Finally and most importantly, each G3 employee is trained to always put the customer’s needs first and to maintain a friendly service oriented demeanor.  Our staff specializes in offering personalized, first class customer service that cannot be found in any other vendor. 

Customer Quotes
Listed below are actual quotes from satisfied G3 customers.

“G3’s friendly customer service is outstanding!”
Customer One

 “G3 is amazing! I cannot count how many times they have executed flawlessly on my emergency rush orders.  No other vendor comes close to G3’s service.”
Customer Two

 “G3 has been like having an extra employee. Our sales rep regularly comes by and sees if we are low on our stock. When I place an order it’s usually delivered the same day.”
Customer Three

 “You have made the right choice if you choose G3. G3 provides excellent customer service with friendly sales personnel. Their prices are right on target and their deliveries are dependable and accurate.”
Customer Four

“You guys are incredible.  The speed at which you execute never ceases to amaze me.  You have saved my skin countless times.”
Customer Five

"What an awesome staff you guys have.  Everyone there is so friendly and customer service oriented."
Customer Six

G3 is more than just another vendor. We are a strategic partner that will increase your bottom line.